Travel Tips | Blogmas day 14

Hey everyone!

After this post I’ll be caught up on blogmas yay!

Since the reason I got behind in blogmas was due to travel, I figured writing a travel tips post was only fitting ūüôā

Here goes nothing, my tips for the next time you’re travelling:

Pack light

This first one is partially because of checked baggage costs; they’re horrendously expensive! So cut down on what you’re bringing and then have room to buy more while you’re there too. We all know it’s going to happen so why make it worse for yourself?

Extra contingency

Everyone plans on some sort of contingency but most people don’t plan on enough. You never know what’s going to happen when you’re travelling and it is ALWAYS better to have slightly more than you plan on for “just in case. Trust me, when you’re in a pickle you’ll be thanking me.

Do the research 

This one is super obvious… right? But some folks don’t do enough research. Don’t just look at reviews on big name travel websites, look for bloggers who are posting from the site! They’re going to be so honest in what they’re seeing and doing so it’s the perfect why to start making your decisions about your trip.

Take risks 

This might be the most important one. Now this doesn’t mean you should get in cars with randoms or give all your money to a voodoo man. I just think that whenever you go somewhere new, you should try something new! Go for a hot hair balloon ride? Maybe some skinny dipping? Get out of your comfort zone because it’s now or never – you’re in this crazy cool place for a limited time so get out there and do something you never thought you could!

Talk to people

Even if you’re not travelling alone it’s so much fun to meet new people! This goes hand in hand with getting out of your comfort zone. Find some new people to chat about your new experiences with, it makes everything a lot more fun I promise

Check in back home

Even though you’re off on with your cool new friends and your crazy new experiences you need to make sure you check in with the people back home. They’re going to worry about you, plus they’re going to want to hear about everything that you’re up to!


It’s so much fun in the moment so don’t you want to remember it later on? I always like to write a little blurb about the day right before I go to bed. That way it’s not taking a huge chunk out of my day and I still remember everything that went on! I love reading back on my travel journals and remembering all of the great experiences I had ūüôā


If you have any travel tips I’d love to hear about them!

Happy Blogmas babes,





Finishing my First Semester of University | Blogmas Day 9

Hey everyone!

I am officially done my first semester of university! That’s actually so crazy, I can’t believe it.¬†All in all this semester has been fantastic – obviously¬†there’s been ups and downs (slaying my courses and feeling like I fit in, as well as bad veggie options and stressful study nights) ¬†but would it really¬†be worth it without them?

I love university, it’s absolutely where I am meant to be right now; I couldn’t be happier about it. I have worked so hard this semester because I love what I’m doing! It’s such a beautiful combination! Falling in love with the subjects I was taking was a huge part of my success this semester – and was a huge reason I wasn’t as successful as I feel I could have been in high school .

But that’s totally okay. I’ve realized that if I hadn’t struggled in high school with a lot of my classes, I wouldn’t have known what I wanted to do when I went on to uni. So I’m grateful for that.

I’m also grateful for all the support that my new uni friends have given me. As I’ve heard from most other university students, the friends that you meet here are game changers. They have made this semester so much fun, pushing me outside of my comfort zone in the best ways possible.

So, I still have a long way to go in terms of finding myself, figuring out what I want to do with my life, and all that hard life stuff – yet right in this moment it doesn’t matter.

Right in this moment I am so pleased with where I am

Right in this moment I am proud of what I have accomplished

Right now, in this moment, I am happy.


Happy Blogmas babes and cheers for 1 semester down and 7 more to go,



High school Friends | Blogmas Day 7

Hey everyone!

When you go away to university, everyone tells you that everything is going to be different. And they’re totally right.

If university is the right place for you then you’re going to know, I promise. You’re going to fall in love with your classes (and you’re probably going to hate some as well). You’re going to make new friends and you’re probably not going to talk to a ton of your old ones.

There we go I said it


I talk to two of my friends from high school. And it’s totally okay. When you get to your university you’re going to realize that some of the people you hung out with all the time were your friends out of convenience¬†– you saw them every day right? And you took all the same classes?

Don’t worry, it’s not like they we’re real friendships, and good for you at the time, but uni is a place where you call the shots. I’ve met people who have the same interests and totally opposite interests and I’ve been able to choose exactly who I want to spend my time with! If there’s a person that I don’t really click with then GUESS WHAT?! I don’t ¬†have to hang out with them or see them every day.

What a concept.

So just remember not to set high expectations regarding the friendships you currently have in high school; it’s going to be okay, you’ll find new and healthier friendships when you go off to school.



Happy Blogmas babes,





Dealing with Exam Stress | Blogmas day 4

Hey everyone!

Since I’m in the middle of my first set of university exams I thought I’d share with you some of the ways that I’ve come up with to help me tackle them.

Keep your room tidy

This definitely doesn’t seem like something super important, but it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to study or get ready before an exam, having a messy room is bound to stress you out. Taking 20 minutes out of your studying (or procrastinating – no judgement ūüôā ) isn’t going to kill you, and it’s going to help you out in the long run.

Have a calendar 

Make sure you have a calendar with all of your exams and their times on it! Missing an exam would be the worst thing so make sure you check the times and room numbers twice, maybe even three times.


This is a super obvious one but make sure you’re getting enough sleep. A really important thing to remember is that getting a consistent amount of sleep is going to ensure that you don’t feel exhausted when you wake up.

Take breaks

Okay, it’s so important to take breaks from studying. Take a break, get a get some food, breathe a little bit, and get ready to get back into the studying zone (just make sure it’s a break, not a full day).

Happy Blogmas babes,

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 2.39.09 AM.png



Dealing with Disappointing Yourself

Okay so,¬†I just came out of one of my exams. An exam that I have been preparing for weeks and was completely prepared for. I had been getting nearly perfect in this class yet as I¬†was working through my MS Access query for my mail merge I just couldn’t get part of it to work.

And I was sitting in that exam the worst thing for me was that I was disappointing myself. I knew how to do all of the material and I had very high expectations for myself. Honestly, disappointing yourself is one of the hardest things to come to terms with…

But I realized that not getting perfect didn’t matter. In university the A+ range is 90-100. That’s a huge… there is a ton of room to not get 100% and that’s a good thing.

Real life isn’t about 100%, seriously, no one gets everything right all the time

So I guess I just wanted to tell you guys that it’s very okay to not get 100%. It’s more than okay.




Why is the bar way up there ^ instead of here where the normal people are.

Why do we set the bar higher for ourselves than we should?

Sometimes we all need to step back, reevaluate, and know that as long as we’re trying our best that’s all we can do.


All in all, I hope you guys don’t have to come to this conclusion during the middle of your exams (because it took like 7 minutes out of my exam time so like learn it now hun) – please please try to learn from my lesson?





“what they don’t tell you about moving away to college”

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and found this article by the Odyssey about what people don’t tell you about moving away to college. And you know what? I couldn’t disagree with it more.

Yes, I agree that moving away is one of the best things that has happened to me and that I’ve grown more as a person in the last 3 months than I did in grade 12. I absolutely love university and all the friends I’ve made in residence and my classes. It’s the best experience I’ve had in my entire life actually.

BUT the article is based around being homesick and crying yourself to sleep and begging your mum to come get you. Why is being homesick what makes university better for this poor person?

Yeah, I kinda miss being at home but I was also so ready to start my own life. Maybe missing home so much you cry yourself to sleep that you become your own person is a good thing..? ¬†But scaring someone who knows that they’re ready for this into thinking they’re going¬†to feel horrific for the first month and a half is just mean! Also, none of my friends went through this, I haven’t even seen anyone going through this.

Kudos to you if you can get through a month and a half of being miserable and continue to do well in school. Just know that this doesn’t happen to everyone – it’s okay if it does yet it’s also okay if it doesn’t. It’s totally normal to not miss your family that much when you move away for school; you’re not cold, you don’t hate your family, and you’re going to grow just as much as those other people – maybe even more.

Having your own first semester away experience is very normal so whatever you do, try to enjoy it!



The Ultimate Guide to GIilmore Girls

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been desperately waiting for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life to come out forever and a day.

I’ve been watching since I was 5 years old… that’s 13 whole years of the Gilmore Girls. 13 years of coffee, love, witty¬†jokes, strong female leads, heartbreak, and food. Lorelai and Rory, as well as the rest of the characters, had a hand in shaping who I am today. Rory inspired me to love school, the pursuit¬†knowledge, and the naivety to still enjoy life when it hits you.

Anyways, here is what you need to properly enjoy the magnificence that is the ending of Gilmore we deserve:



If you’re here do I even have to explain? First of all, you’re going to need coffee to be able to stay alive after 6 consecutive hours of Netflixing. Secondly, 503 cups of coffee were consumed during the filming of Gilmore Girls (that’s approximately 3 cups per episode) so you N E E D to have coffee.



This is obviously a staple in the Gilmore household; could a 6-hour marathon really be complete without some of your favourite delivery?



Poptarts were instrumental in Lorelai’s rebellion against her parents, so to truly honour her they are a necessity. You can toast some up for the first instalment and then eat them straight out of the box for the rest! You’ll be a true Gilmore in no time.



giphy (2).gif

We all know that Lorelai’s style can be… a little bit out there. So grab your obscure band shirt, plaid, or tie-dye! Gilmore Girls sure do know how to stay comfortable and funky.


giphy (3).gif

Everybody needs a Luke (male, female, or otherwise)¬†¬†in their life. This means someone that you’re watching Gilmore with needs a backwards baseball cap; it’s just a right of passage.


giphy (4).gif

Can you really watch Gilmore without your best friend by your side? Everyone needs their Lane.


giphy (1).gif

If you really want to be a Gilmore give your mum a call. She’s going to want to know that you’re thinking about her before you start watching the most epic mother-daughter¬†show.



Alright, with all that I think you’re ready to be a Gilmore Girl. So make sure comfy and get ready for the best remake the world has ever seen, it’s been a long time coming.



Just Another Manic Monday

Good morning all and welcome to another definitely manic Monday.

Unfortunately, Mondays continue to come and go, leaving in a fit of “what the heck just happened today”. To try and grant myself some clarity I wanted to give you my rundown of the top 10 things you absolutely NEED for your first few months away at university.

  1. Power bar
    • Dorm rooms never have enough power outlets and its absurd. So do yourself a major favour and pick up two power bars so you can have all the outlets you’ll need (and trust, you will)
  2. Lamp
    • Whoever said dorms had great lighting was a flat out liar. Get a lamp for your desk because the one attached to it sucks so much, I’m not even sure it can be considered a lamp.
  3. Scissors
    • This is one thing that nobody thinks they’re going to need, however when you’re the only person who’s mum forced them to bring scissors you get really popular, really fast.
  4. Tape
    • Literally, the exact same reason I gave for scissors: someone always needs some
  5. Decorations
    • Okay so just saying decorations is super broad, I know. But seriously, make your dorm room your own! It’s going to seem kind of similar to a prison cell unless you spice up your life with some decorations. (I personally love cheap prints of artwork and postcards)
  6. Fridge
    • Mainstream? Yes. But do it. Everyone needs a fridge
  7. Kettle
    • Noodles? Tea? Instant coffee? Kettles are extremely useful
  8. Extra storage bins
    • Just because the residence page says it has lots of storage does not mean it does! You’re definitely going to overpack and need more space everything. My personal favourite is the stackable drawers.
  9. Printer
    • The university will have places where you can pay money to print your assignments, however, it’s super expensive and inconvenient. Buying a printer and all of the printer accessories on sale will cost less in the long run and you won’t have to wait in super long lines to print your assignment that’s due in 15 minutes!
  10. Spirit
    • Do I mean alcohol or hope?? You decide ūüėā


Journal: Athletics Attempts

Since the beginning¬†of September, I have been struggling with wanting to go to the gym and not having any motivation to do so. Of course, everyone goes through this at some point in their life and I’ve been trying to think of how I can do it; how do I make that kind of¬†commitment to myself?

So I think I’m going to use my blog to force me into it. I don’t care what day of the week or how long I spend working out – but I’m going to do it. Once a week I’m going to give you guys an update on what I did and how I’m feeling because of it.

Oh my goodness when I took a break to start writing this I was scrolling through my facebook and saw this:14724626_10208665318334441_4182607880997232620_n


Let’s see how this goes,