Just Another Manic Monday

Good morning all and welcome to another definitely manic Monday.

Unfortunately, Mondays continue to come and go, leaving in a fit of “what the heck just happened today”. To try and grant myself some clarity I wanted to give you my rundown of the top 10 things you absolutely NEED for your first few months away at university.

  1. Power bar
    • Dorm rooms never have enough power outlets and its absurd. So do yourself a major favour and pick up two power bars so you can have all the outlets you’ll need (and trust, you will)
  2. Lamp
    • Whoever said dorms had great lighting was a flat out liar. Get a lamp for your desk because the one attached to it sucks so much, I’m not even sure it can be considered a lamp.
  3. Scissors
    • This is one thing that nobody thinks they’re going to need, however when you’re the only person who’s mum forced them to bring scissors you get really popular, really fast.
  4. Tape
    • Literally, the exact same reason I gave for scissors: someone always needs some
  5. Decorations
    • Okay so just saying decorations is super broad, I know. But seriously, make your dorm room your own! It’s going to seem kind of similar to a prison cell unless you spice up your life with some decorations. (I personally love cheap prints of artwork and postcards)
  6. Fridge
    • Mainstream? Yes. But do it. Everyone needs a fridge
  7. Kettle
    • Noodles? Tea? Instant coffee? Kettles are extremely useful
  8. Extra storage bins
    • Just because the residence page says it has lots of storage does not mean it does! You’re definitely going to overpack and need more space everything. My personal favourite is the stackable drawers.
  9. Printer
    • The university will have places where you can pay money to print your assignments, however, it’s super expensive and inconvenient. Buying a printer and all of the printer accessories on sale will cost less in the long run and you won’t have to wait in super long lines to print your assignment that’s due in 15 minutes!
  10. Spirit
    • Do I mean alcohol or hope?? You decide 😂