NYE16 Hi everyone I’m Natasha! 

I’m 17 (almost 18) and will be going into my first year of University next year. I have been traveling since I was like a month old and I’m moving away from Ontario to go to Nova Scotia for university! I’ll be studying commerce when I go to uni and I’m so super excited. When I’m not traveling or getting excited about studying (I know I know but I am excited to study) I’m spending my summers at an all girls summer camp teaching leadership skills and geocaching.

I’ve been wanting to do this blogging thing for awhile now and so I am. Woah. Crazy. I’m kind of nervous about it but it’s going to be an adventure and I’m excited

This is going to be a lifestyle blog (I think) full of my manic Monday experiences and everything in between! I have some exciting ideas for this blog and I can’t wait to get your feedback and see what you guys think 🙂