If you’re anything like me, you’ve been desperately waiting for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life to come out forever and a day.

I’ve been watching since I was 5 years old… that’s 13 whole years of the Gilmore Girls. 13 years of coffee, love, witty jokes, strong female leads, heartbreak, and food. Lorelai and Rory, as well as the rest of the characters, had a hand in shaping who I am today. Rory inspired me to love school, the pursuit knowledge, and the naivety to still enjoy life when it hits you.

Anyways, here is what you need to properly enjoy the magnificence that is the ending of Gilmore we deserve:



If you’re here do I even have to explain? First of all, you’re going to need coffee to be able to stay alive after 6 consecutive hours of Netflixing. Secondly, 503 cups of coffee were consumed during the filming of Gilmore Girls (that’s approximately 3 cups per episode) so you N E E D to have coffee.



This is obviously a staple in the Gilmore household; could a 6-hour marathon really be complete without some of your favourite delivery?



Poptarts were instrumental in Lorelai’s rebellion against her parents, so to truly honour her they are a necessity. You can toast some up for the first instalment and then eat them straight out of the box for the rest! You’ll be a true Gilmore in no time.



giphy (2).gif

We all know that Lorelai’s style can be… a little bit out there. So grab your obscure band shirt, plaid, or tie-dye! Gilmore Girls sure do know how to stay comfortable and funky.


giphy (3).gif

Everybody needs a Luke (male, female, or otherwise)  in their life. This means someone that you’re watching Gilmore with needs a backwards baseball cap; it’s just a right of passage.


giphy (4).gif

Can you really watch Gilmore without your best friend by your side? Everyone needs their Lane.


giphy (1).gif

If you really want to be a Gilmore give your mum a call. She’s going to want to know that you’re thinking about her before you start watching the most epic mother-daughter show.



Alright, with all that I think you’re ready to be a Gilmore Girl. So make sure comfy and get ready for the best remake the world has ever seen, it’s been a long time coming.




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