Life at Uni: Month 1


14285158_1044327342347456_1753738708_oI can’t believe I’ve been here for over a month. University is such a huge rollercoaster.

So far most things have been great! My love for my floor is incomprehensible; these girls are people that I can genuinely see myself being friends with for a long time. The thing about uni is that you’re not forced to see the same group of people every single day, six hours a day, five days a week, like high school friends. (Now, I’m not saying that all high school friendships aren’t going to last, but I also experienced what reevaluating friendships after high school finishes felt like. Trust me – you realize that some people were friends out of convenience, and that isn’t a bad thing! It just is what it is, you know?) But yeah, the people that I have CHOSEN to spend my time with have proven, already, to be better friends than most of my high school friends were. I think part of that was the decision to choose an all girls floor in my residence. Being on an all girls floor mad me feel a lot less stressed in September when I first started trying to scope out potential friendships!

So, friends are great in 14315593_1044375255675998_109845402_ouni. Classes are also great. They are stressful (like microeconomics my gosh I want to cry a little bit sometimes but I’m working on it). High school teachers like to threaten you with the ominous ‘professor’ looming in your near future because they will be meaner, harder markers, etc. I have found this to be completely untrue. Yes, the class sizes are bigger so that does mean that your prof won’t always recognize who you are – but if you put in the effort to go to their office hours, or ask questions after class they are ALWAYS willing to help you! Profs want you to succeed and I have no idea where high school teachers get the notion that they don’t. Don’t get me wrong though – the workload is intense. (but I 300% think that IB had me overprepared for uni – I’ll rant about that in a separate post though). Honestly managing the workload is jut understanding how to prioritize your time and effort so that you don’t overwork yourself or leave everything and get super overwhelmed by everything.

Speaking of being overwhelmed! Everyone is. During this first month and a half, I have been overwhelmed on several occasions and it’s still a work in progress. I definitely still have a lot of work to do in the stress management category, but I being here gives me a lot of motivation to do so – I’m paying for this, the majority of people here are actually interested in learning, I chose all of the classes I’m in because I wanted to not because of high school requirements. All of these things are a reminder that not only do I need to get my shit together but that I also need to step back sometimes. Knowing your limits [and playing within it] is a HUGE THING. People tell you that small things like taking breaks or missing a class or even big things like switching majors are THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD TO DO. But seriously, I’ve only been here for a month and I already know that making decisions based on what is best for me is so important.

Anyways, I can feel myself starting to ramble so I’m going to wrap up this update with a six-word summary:

Uni offers great opportunities – take them 


Bye for now,



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